Airpark has exciting news!

As many of you know, Dr. O’Carroll left Airpark about 2 years ago to become a FDA veterinarian. To stay in touch with the general techniques of veterinary medicine and the community, Dr. O’Carroll has agreed to work here at Airpark every other Friday morning beginning...

Thank you!

We have been voted 2016 Carroll’s Best winners Veterinary and Kennel! Thank you all so much!
New Service for Carroll Lutheran Village

New Service for Carroll Lutheran Village

We are excited to add a new community service to all the Carroll Lutheran Village residents. On a monthly basis, we will come to their homes and provide veterinary care to their pets. We look forward to this new journey!
Dental Health Months

Dental Health Months

January, February and March are “Dental Health Months” With a 10% discount on services and inventory items relating to oral care at time of Dental!

Now Offering Full Mouth Dental Radiographs

Airpark Animal Hospital is now offering full mouth dental radiographs during any procedure where your pet will be sedated or anesthetized. This is a great way to evaluate the oral health of your pet. For healthy animals, it establishes an ideal baseline that allows...

Food Letter

To all our valued clients, We wanted to let you know that to better serve you and your pet with the best products, as of February 1, 2016, we will be reducing our in house inventory of all our brands of prescription pet foods. We will continue to carry only the small...