Airpark update on COVID!

We are a community and are facing the day to challenges with this virus. All of our clients have been great in texting us, staying in their cars when necessary, and our staff has also been vigilant in our safety and hygiene procedures.

We wanted all of you to know if you do not want to come into the office for your pets’ medications, food, or supplies, we have an online pharmacy where you can order your items and they will bill you and ship directly to your door. This pharmacy is called Vetsource and you can either sign up or call us and we will assist you. Just another great option in these trying times.
More good news, there is still no issues with dogs and cats with this virus. Yeah!

And finally, we are still considered an “essential business” and our veterinary affiliates are fighting for us to keep it that way.
Be safe and smart, as we are, and we will continue to be a family and be there for your fur babies!

Again, thank you for your patience and understanding.

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