New Covid Procedures – 3/31/2020

Effective immediately, Governor Hogan has put into place new guidelines for businesses.  Airpark has made some provisions to our protocols as well.

First, our new hours will be 8am – 6pm Monday through Friday and 8am – 12 pm on Saturday.  We will be keeping our lobby doors locked to reduce exposure.

 Our doctors and staff will still be here for any emergencies, sick pets, and time sensitive issues, such as puppy vaccines and skin issues.  We are not doing any routine or wellness visits, house calls, or any non-essential surgeries.  Tech appointments will still be offered for essential treatments; however, nail trims and bathing will not be scheduled.

Our plan will continue as we ask you to call or text when you arrive and we will meet you at the door with your pet or medications and supplies. 

These procedures are to comply with Governor Hogan and to ultimately, keep our staff as well as our clients safe and will be in place until further notice.

Again, many thanks to our hard-working staff and our incredible clients during this difficult time!

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