To all our clients at Airpark Animal Hospital

For many years, you have been seeing Dr. Catherine Illuzzi, who has
provided high quality care for your pets. It has been a rewarding
experience for her. However, she has decided to move closer to her
parents and start a new chapter.

Her time will become less in early April, but our entire team of doctors
and staff will continue the high-quality care and will make this
transition as seamless as possible.

A personal note from Dr. Illuzzi,

I always thought Airpark would be my forever home; however, Covid
has made me realize how important it is to be around the ones you
love. It was an incredibly difficult decision; made even more difficult by
the wonderful clientele I have built over the past almost 8 years. I feel
so blessed to have been a part of your pets, as well as your families
lives. I appreciate the trust and faith you showed me while navigating
the many phases of having a pet. I will look back on my time at Airpark
with genuine love and gratitude. Thank you so much for your kindness.


Catherine Illuzzi