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Helpful Videos

How to Trim Your Dog’s Nails

Client Service Specialist Angela is back with Corban, Dr. Vanous’ dog, to demonstrate the proper technique for restraining your pup and trimming their nails.

Puppy Socialization

Dr. Mazzochette and Pixie are back again to talk about the vital aspect of socializing your puppy. What is that window for learning and what should you be doing to make each experience the best it can be?

How To Pick An Adult Dog: The Extrovert

Dr. Owens and her dog, Skye, put the spotlight on the extroverted canine personality and the types of homes they will thrive in.

How to Pick an Adult Dog: Body Language

Picking the right Adult Dog for your family isn’t a matter to take lightly. Knowing your lifestyle and the type of canine personality that will fit best is key. Dr. Owens talks about the best way to do this and how to read the difference in an introverted dog vs. an extroverted.

How To Pick An Adult Dog: The Introvert

Dr. Owens introduces Gus and his owner, Vet Assistant Carly. They introduce the characteristics of an introverted, or shy dog, and how to read their body language to see if they will make a good fit into your family and lifestyle.

Muzzle Training

Teaching your dog to be comfortable with a muzzle is an important part of dog ownership. Muzzles are used in many scenarios and having a dog that accepts it easily makes everyone a little more comfortable when it is necessary. Dr. Owens and Skye appear once again to illustrate an easy way to teach muzzle acceptance for your dog.

How To Pick a Puppy

So you’re ready to add a new canine to your family. Dr. Mazzochette discusses some of the traits and qualities to consider when adding a puppy to your house. Pixie the Italian Greyhound puppy makes her screen debut as the puppy star!

How To Pick a Cat

It might seem like a simple task to add a cat to the family. But there are many things to consider if choosing between an adult cat or a kitten. Vet Assistant Gracin highlights some important points for choosing and then introducing a new feline friend to the household. 

Dog Reactivity

Is your pup REALLY excited to meet other dogs? Or maybe they are so interested in getting to their new potential friend they are hard to handle. Do they have some dog aggression that needs to be improved upon to make them a good canine citizen? Client Service Specialist Angela and her dog Sally describe and demonstrate how to work on your dog’s Dog Reactivity with food as a motivator.


Is your dog looking a little portly? Hospital Administrator Julie Wire introduces Frosty and her owners. Frosty is a great weight loss success story having lost 30 pounds! Learn from Julie and Frosty what simple changes you can make to help your dog be the healthiest it can be!

Heartworm and Flea & Tick Prevention

Client Service Specialist Casie’s dogs Piper and Ralph teach everyone about the canine preventions carried at Airpark Animal Hospital, what parasites they treat and when to give them.