Airpark Animal Hospital offers an in-house and online pharmacy with products that are FDA approved, up-to-date, and guaranteed by our manufacturers. Our in-house pharmacy will fill prescriptions for your pet immediately following an appointment, and with telephone ordering your prescription can be ready in as little as one hour. Our online shipping pharmacy gives you the convenience of shopping anytime. In addition both our in-house and online shipping pharmacy offer these benefits:

  • High quality medications that are guaranteed by the drug manufacturer
  • Our in-house pharmacy has manufacturer rebates with significant cost savings for certain medications
  • A thorough understanding of your pet’s medical history and specific needs
  • On-going monitoring of your pet’s health and medications

Thank you for choosing us for the care of your pets. We appreciate your trust and value your business.

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Pharmacy Information

FDA Pet Online Rx Buyer Beware

FDA Internet Pharmacy Notice

*Caution about Internet and Discount Pharmacies*

Both the FDA and American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) have advised veterinarians against communicating with some internet or discount pharmacies due to the potential for questionable practices. Their concerns include:

  • Drugs being dispensed without an authorized prescription
  • Drugs that are not the actual prescription medication but a product that looks similar
  • Requests being filled with expired drugs
  • Some medications may be foreign drugs that may not have the same quality and purity assurance as the United States does. It is generally illegal to dispense foreign drugs in the United States, including foreign versions of U.S. products.

If you purchase prescriptions through pharmacies other than Airpark Animal Hospital, be aware of these additional risks:

  • The drug manufacturer may not guarantee medications
  • Selling prescriptions directly to consumers without a veterinarian-client-patient relationship may pose health risks to patients
  • Some prescription medications require that the animal be seen for the specific condition and within a particular timeframe. For example, medications such as Rimadyl and Deramaxx require periodic blood testing. Heartworm preventatives require a veterinary examination within one year and that your pet has had his/her annual heartworm test and is being correctly treated with heartworm preventative

We caution pet owners to be aware of the risks that may be involved in using an internet or discount pharmacy. The FDA notice is available on our website or through the FDA website at To ensure the protection of your pet, we will no longer accept faxed prescription requests from online pharmacies. Like you, we want to ensure the highest quality of care for your pet. Before filling any prescription for our patients, Airpark does the following:

  • Check your pet’s medical history and confirm your pet is well enough to take the medication. Weak, sick or older pets should not take certain medications.
  • Review your pet’s medical record to ensure that tests are current. For example, your pet needs a heartworm test with negative results before taking a heartworm preventive. Certain arthritis medications also require routine blood tests to check liver function.
  • Confirm the appropriate dose, how often the medication should be given, and the number of refills.
  • Record the prescription in your pet’s medical record so we can carefully monitor its interaction with other medications your pet may be taking.
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