Meet the Airpark Animal Hospital Behavior Medicine Team

Clients most often need help with dogs or cats for problems with aggression, anxiety, or house soiling. According to studies, fear, destruction, too much activity and in particular aggression toward people or other dogs are the most commonly cited behavioral reason for relinquishing a dog to a shelter or euthanasia. Cats are removed from homes when they exhibit behavior problems such as eliminating outside the box, behaving aggressively toward other cats or people in the home, and scratching furniture. We advise seeking help early to avoid possible serious or expensive outcomes by delaying treatment. Most people confuse a training problem with a behavioral problem. Obedience training is for minor problems, such as pulling on a leash, sitting or staying without aggressive behaviors. Aggressive or anxious behaviors will not be solved by obedience exercises. Certified Behaviorists are trained to work with aggression, anxiety or house-soiling and other issues. Unfortunately, many people claiming they are “trainers or behaviorists” without adequate training or certifications. Airpark Animal Hospital veterinarians and staff are working with Ms. Nancy Williams, an Associate Certified Animal Behaviorist, certified by an internationally recognized organization, the Animal Behavior Society. There are less than 50 other individuals who have achieved this certification in the U.S. Ms. Williams established a reputation for working with veterinarians, conducting scientific behavior research and developing new techniques to work with dog and cat problems. Some of her cases involve legal issues such as the Michael Vic fighting dogs, humane societies and serving as an expert witness. Working with your veterinarian, Ms. Williams can help you to develop the best approach to work with your pet’s behavioral issues.

About Behavior Services at Airpark Animal Hospital

Behavior Service appointments are made by contacting Ms. Williams directly after referral by the Airpark Veterinary Staff. Her phone number is 410.374.1556 and her website for other information is or Ms. Williams will work with you to schedule an appointment in the Airpark Animal Hospital Behavior Services area. Airpark Animal Hospital provides a low-stress environment for your pet, including a separate entrance and exit, a large quiet room and other space as needed. Our staff understands how to keep your pet relaxed. While many problems can be seen at Airpark Animal Hospital, certain problems will be seen at Ms. Williams’s facility in Manchester, Maryland or at your home if necessary. Pet owners can been seen at Airpark Animal Hospital if they are clients at Airpark or if their primary veterinarian is at another hospital.